We convert a variety of substrates into various types of

Some of the items we make are Pallet Guards, Bumper
Wrappers, Furniture Pads, Pipe
wraps, Machine Wraps,
Grille Guard Bags as well a Bags and Pouches.


PALLET GUARDS - Pallet guards are slip sheets that are
laid down on a pallet to
protect you product from damage
that occur from the pallet

BUMPER WRAPS - Also known as bumper bags and bumper
pads. Automotive bumpers
wrappers are laminated sheets
of paper, plastic, fabric and/or foam that are used to wrap
up automotive car bumper and other car body part to

protect them in storage and shipping

FURNITURE PADS - Furniture pads are laminated sheets of
various type of substrate to
protect furniture during transit

PIPE WRAP - When pipe are being transported it needs to
be kept scratch free.
Something that is hard to do when the weight of the item
compounds the problem

MACHINE WRAPS - When machinery is shipped to the
customer or retail store it must be
protected from dents,
scratches and abrasion. No matter what shape the
equipment is, a
wrap can be made to accomplish the job.

GRILLE GUARDS WRAPS - Grille guards for truck are both
heavy and bulky. A special
package is constructed to keep
the guard from damage when stored and shipped to the

BAG AND POUCHES - Multi-wall bags and pouches are
convenient ways to package
items such as hoods,
fenders, sheet metal and headlights. They can be lined with
Valeron, Tyvek, non
-woven fabric and plastic film to
protect them from damage.

All bags and pouches can be made into sizes up to 60"
wide by 250" long.